Deluxe aluminium tiller with extension for Laser® Windesign Sailing

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Optiparts manufactures a 32 mm aluminium tiller for the Laser® dinghy. The tiller has at the outer end a precise molded anodized aluminium insert. The inner end is sealed with a plastic cap. The tiller comes in a Deluxe and a Standard version. The Deluxe version is 25 microns black anodized and has a stainless steel anti-chafe protecting plate for the traveller line. An aluminium clamcleat for the rudderblade line is mounted on the side of the tube. This set comes with the aluminium Deluxe tiller extension 652310.

Laser ® is a registered trademark of Velum Limited an Performance Sailcraft Australia Ltd.
This product is compatible with Laser ® but is not an original Laser ® product.


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